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Our dental clinic is aimed at meeting the needs oral main family business. Our team cares about good communication with the patient to understand your needs and always generate predictable results and they are within reality. It is essential to patient participation in this process because everything is not technology and dental materials. We appreciate your confidence is our motivation and we hope you can use this medium to address any concerns or suggestions.

Warm greetings

Dr Páez Morón, Marcos.

Director Dentalfort
Dr. Marcos Paez Morón

Dr. Marcos Paez Morón is Bachelor of Medicine and Dentistry at the University of Cordoba (Argentina) and approved by the Faculty of Santiago de Compostela with a professional experience of over 20 years.

– National University of Cordoba (Argentina).

– Faculty of Medical Sciences. Bachelor of Medicine.

– Faculty of Dentistry. Degree in Dentistry.

– Approved at the Faculty of Santiago de Compostela.


– Added the service of oral surgery at the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Cordoba (Argentina).

– Course Maxillofacial Surgery Mercy Hospital of Cordoba (Argentina).

– Medical emergencies and emergency services Emergency Northwest (Zamora).